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Understand DISC + Discover your personality style...

Discover the history of DISC, learn how DISC4Jobs can help you and find out your likely DISC personality style using our fun scenario videos + tick sheet. 
Watching all 7 videos on this page will take you just under 15 minutes. 

A brief history of DISC

This 3 minute video will give you a whistle stop history of the DISC personality tool (created by William Marston almost 100 years ago). DISC has been used to support millions of people to flourish in their life and work.

How can DISC4Jobs help you?

This 3 minute video shows how DISC4Jobs will help you to better understand and sell yourself for work, consider different industries and learn some next-level communication skills!

Are you ready to discover your DISC personality style?

Remember, no style is any 'better' than another and we are all a blend of all 4 styles, but we tend to have a 'comfort style'. We have 5 x scenario-based videos below., each one 90 seconds or less. Watch the video, answer the question next to it and  email your result to yourself or your Employment Coach.

Scenario 1: LOTTO Life Choices

Scenario 2: Desert Island DISC

Scenario 3: Space Mission

Scenario 4: Marathon Mindset

Scenario 5: Supermarket Sweep

Did you match more than 1 'style' as the same across the videos?

If you did, that's likely your DISC personality style and you're ready to engage with our resources. If you didn't, or feel a bit unsure, don't worry - we have a handy tick list sheet for you to help. Just click on the document below and you'll be taken to a printable PDF.

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